Kakuya Oishi Museum of Art-yama

2023/11/28    ,

Facing the east coast of Awaji Island, Kakuya Oishi Museum of Art-yama is an attractive art museum with artworks that blend into the natural surroundings. Created with the passion of painter Oishi and with the help of volunteers, the museum offers inspiration and creativity to visitors under the philosophy, "The joy of creation is the joy of life.

Uzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall(Uzushi Science Museum)


Uzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall is a gourmet and entertainment complex. With a spectacular view and Awaji Island cuisine at the "Spectacular View Restaurant," limited-edition burgers at the "Onion Kitchen," and the "Uzushio Science Museum" for children, visitors can enjoy gastronomy, nature, and education all in one place.

Akashi Kaikyo National Goverment Park


Awaji Island National Akashi Kaikyo Park" is an attractive tourist spot with seasonal flowers, "Yumekko Land" with more than 150 kinds of playground equipment, "Children's Forest" with universal design, lawns where dogs can play, and barbecue sites.

Hello Kitty Show Box


The "Hello Kitty Showbox" is a theater-restaurant where visitors can enjoy a Hello Kitty show and a vegan lunch. Awaji onion soup, a store selling limited-edition products, and photo opportunities with Hello Kitty are popular tourist attractions.



Hello Kitty Smile is a Hello Kitty-themed tourist attraction. It is recommended for girls' trips and families. Visitors can enjoy the "Otohime Ryugujo" projection mapping, sand painting events, international cuisine restaurants, and photo opportunities with Hello Kitty.

Awaji World Park ONOKORO


Awaji World Park ONOKORO is a sightseeing spot where visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions. Famous buildings from around the world recreated in miniature and realistic dinosaur figures are popular.

Awaji Farm Park England Hill


Awaji Farm Park England's Hill is a tourist spot with a koala zoo, seasonal flowers, handmade experiences, go-carts, swan boats, a restaurant with specialty products, and a home-made workshop.

Awajishima Bokujo


Awajishima Bokujo is a hands-on ranch where visitors can experience milking and butter making. It is also an ideal tourist spot for barbecuing Awaji beef and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Awaji Island Monkey Center


Awaji Island Monkey Center is a tourist facility inhabited by more than 350 friendly "Awaji monkeys" and began feeding them in 1967. Early visit is recommended as they return to the mountains in the evening.

Awaji Highway Oasis


Awaji Highway Oasis" is a sightseeing spot with a children's playground, local delicacies, and a spectacular view of Osaka Bay and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from the "observation plaza. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring, and you can experience local culture at events.