Awaji Chef Garden


Awaji Chef Garden is a restaurant area on Awaji Island, known as a treasure trove of food. Here, visitors can enjoy the cuisine of each chef at outdoor terrace seats overlooking the coastlines of Osaka and Kobe. There are dozens of restaurants, offering a variety of genres from Japanese to Italian, Thai, Chinese, and Taiwanese cuisine. Each chef makes the most of Awaji Island ingredients, allowing you to fully enjoy the local flavors. Furthermore, this place is pet-friendly, so you can spend a wonderful time with your dog or cat. Why not experience diverse cuisine, beautiful scenery, and a fun time with your pet at Awaji Chef Garden?

Overview of Awaji Chef Garden

NameAwaji Chef Garden
Address57-3, Nojima-Ogawa, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEBhttps://www.awaji-chefgarden.com/
Opening hours11:00~20:00 (weather permitting)
ClosedVaries by store
ParkingYes (123 cars)
Parking feeFree
AccessBy car: From the Awaji IC, drive south on the Awaji Sunset Line (Prefectural Road 31) for about 15 minutes.
Public Transportation: Free shuttle bus from Awaji IC