Awaji Yumebutai


Awaji Yumebutai is a multi-purpose resort designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando. In addition to Ando's architecture, this nature-rich resort facility includes a greenhouse botanical garden, an outdoor theater, restaurants, an international conference hall, and a hotel. The Awaji Yumebutai is also located right next to the National Akashi Kaikyo Park, a sightseeing spot where visitors can experience modern architecture blended with nature.

Awaji Yumebutai is also a free admission park, making it a popular spot to stop by with family and friends.

This article describes the Awaji Yumebutai and its facilities, as well as the attractions that I experienced during my actual visit.

About Tadao Ando

Architect born in Osaka in 1941. After traveling the world, he taught himself architecture and established his own institute in 1969. He taught at Yale University and Harvard University, and was also a professor at the University of Tokyo. His representative works include "Church of Light" and "Awaji Yumebutai," and he has received many awards, including the Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 1979 for "Sumiyoshi no Nagaya" He was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit in 2010, and is the author of several books, including "Talking about Architecture.

Awaji Yumebutai is a sightseeing spot with the charm of "Tadao Ando Architecture"

Awaji Yumebutai "Sky Garden"

Yumebutai, with its grand design by Tadao Ando, is a sightseeing spot filled with the charm of Ando's architecture. Among them, the following 10 buildings, including Hyakudanen, are worth visiting.

  • Hyakudanen
  • Round Forum
  • Sea Corridor
  • Elliptical Forum
  • Mountain Corridor
  • Sky Garden
  • Water Garden
  • Shell Beach and Fountain
  • Open-air theater
  • Marine chapel

All of them are fascinating architectural structures, but we will introduce three representative ones.

Awaji Yumebutai is very large and it would take a full day to walk around the entire site, so we recommend that you use this article as a guide to focus on the main points of interest.

"Hyakudanen," where 100 flowerbeds are arranged in tiers

Awaji Yumebutai "Hyakudan en"

Hyakudanen is a flower garden where Asteraceae flowers from all over the world are planted. 100 flower beds are arranged in a staircase pattern, with each flower bed measuring 4.5 square meters in area. Many of the flowers planted here are tulips in spring, cosmos in summer, and dahlias and marigolds in fall, so visitors can enjoy different flowers depending on the season. There is also a promenade garden next door where visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers and vegetables.

"Marine chapel" depicting a cross with heavenly light

Awaji Yumebutai "Marine chapel"

The "Marine chapel" was created by Tadao Ando, an architect active on the world stage. Light from the heavens penetrates the concrete walls, creating a fantastic cross. In this solemn space at one with nature, you can spend a peaceful time. My relatives also had their wedding here, and it is a very beautiful space.

Giant sundial "Elliptical Forum"

Awaji Yumebutai "Elliptical Forum"

The Elliptical Forum is a magnificent space measuring approximately 50 meters in diameter and 17 meters high. Of special note is the sundial on the wall, which ticks the time for visitors. Its unique structure and functionality make this forum a special place. It was cloudy on the day we visited, so we were unable to photograph the sundial in its original state.

Awaji Green Pavilion, one of the largest greenhouses in Japan

Awaji Yumebutai "Awaji Green Pavilion"

The Awaji Green Pavilion is one of the largest greenhouses in Japan. The 20-meter-high greenhouse is filled with spectacular and rare plants that overwhelm visitors and are exhibited in a way that can be proud of not only in Japan but also in the world. Regular exhibitions and events are held here, so you will never get bored no matter how many times you visit.

Awaji Yumebutai Restaurants and Shops

Awaji Yumebutai "Restaurants and Shops"

The following is a list of restaurants and cafes convenient for those who wish to take a lunch or rest break while sightseeing in the spacious Awaji Yumebutai.

Inside Grand Nikko Awaji

  • Japanese Cuisine "Awami"
  • Buffet, Specialties, Teppanyaki "Coccolare"
  • Lobby Lounge "Lucciola"
  • Bakery "Copata"
  • Store "Hotel Shop"

Inside Awaji Yumebutai

  • Cafe, souvenirs "Tom's Studio"
  • Seafood cuisine "Kitora"

Grand Nikko Awaji, a hotel located within Awaji Yumebutai

Awaji Yumebutai "Grand Nikko Awaji"

If you would like to spend a day leisurely touring Awaji Yumebutai or stay at a high-class city hotel, we recommend the Grand Nikko Awaji located within Awaji Yumebutai.

Other facilities in Awaji Yumebutai

Other facilities include the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, where events and conventions are held, and Awaji Koryu no Tsubasa Port, and next door is the Awaji Island National Akashi Kaikyo Park (fee required).

Awaji Yumebutai Parking Lot

Awaji Yumebutai "Parking Lot"

The following two parking lots are available at Awaji Yumebutai.

  • Awaji Yumebutai Parking Lot: Located in the basement of the Grand Nikko Awaji, this lot is shared by all Awaji Yumebutai facilities. The fee is 600 yen per day.
  • Awaji Yumebutai Underground Parking: Located underground of the Awaji Yumebutai, the fee is 600 yen per day.

Overview of Awaji Yumebutai

NameAwaji Yumebutai
Address2 Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEB
Opening hoursVaries depending on the facility.
ClosedVaries depending on the facility.
Parking600 cars
Parking feecharged
AccessPublic Transportation: 15 min. by highway bus from Expressway Maiko to Awaji Yumebutai, 10 min. from Iwaya to Awaji Yumebutai-mae bus stop.
By car: 10-min drive from the Awaji IC.